This Month in Space – October 2019

New Starship SpaceX officially revealed updates for it’s Starship. A spacecraft designed to deliver human or payloads to Mars and beyond. Elon said the Starship could launch 100 humans into space simultaneously. First announced in IAC 2016, Starship is slowly making its way into existence. The technical specifications are off the charts. While talking about […]

Communication; Version 2019

I think I come back to this rant every year. Every year I do something and slowly forget about it. Then the next year, the cycle repeats. I’m still looking for a solution. Maybe I’ll start over this rant next year if I don’t find a solution. Until then, I’ll put my thoughts out there, […]

BlockBuster Might Make a Comeback

Not really physically as a brick and mortar store though. That would be absurd. Even my laptop has no optical disc bay. Hear me out, When Netflix launched, it was this beautiful dream streaming service. Nobody had time for cable. Somebody might be working a late night shift on a Saturday. I made perfect sense […]

This Month in Space – July 2019

GPIM (Green Propellant Infusion Mission) Green fuel is not only for terrestrial use. It should be looked into for extra-terrestrial use also. This is a growing field of research in rocket fuel. Before talking about green fuel, let’s talk about something that is not green. Hydrazine.  Hydrazine (N2H4) is a traditional rocket fuel. Mixed with […]

Our digital life

Every month on the first Thursday, we have an International Engineering Seminar in our lab. It’s basically an improving ground. The topics are only limited by 6 categories. This month it was my turn. My topic for presentation was “Data Security for Everyday use”. What I have in the ppt, is nothing ground breaking, rather […]

দায়ী আমিই…

গতকাল খুব স্টেক খেতে ইচ্ছা করছিল। হাতে সময় ছিল। বাজার হল, রান্না হল, খাওয়াও হল। আর একটা বিপদ হল। তেল! রান্নায় তেল বেশি পরে গেছে। কি আর করার। কিচেন পেপার এ মুছে নীল ময়লার ব্যাগে ফেলে দিলাম। দেশে থাকলে নিশ্চয়ই সিঙ্ক এ ফেলে দিতাম দ্বিতীয় বার চিন্তা না করে। জাপানে করলে খবর আছে। সিঙ্ক এ […]

Before you buy Bitcoin

Maisun Ibn Monowar, 13 September, 2018 As of writing this article, the price of Bitcoin is something $6000+. The support is holding still now. Lot of indicators will tell you to buy them right now. Most probably I’ll buy some within the week. But before you do so, I want to remind you few things. […]