My name is Maisun Ibn Monowar.

That’ me!->

I’m an Electrical and Electronics Engineering student. But I like tons of other stuff. I like Automation Engineering, Control Engineering, Power System Engineering, Satellite Engineering, photography, RC flying. Safe to say, I’m still exploring my possibilities. Why limit yourself when you can have fun doing so many things? (not at the the same time of course! ??

Here’s me in a nutshell:

Hometown :                Rajshahi

Favourite Color :       Black

Favourite Movie :      Men In Black

Favourite Genre :      Depends on mood

Favourite Event :      Sunset

Favourite OS :           Ubuntu 8.04

Call Sign :                   KG5PGZ

Contact:                      personal@maisunmonowar.com or maisun.i.monowar@ieee.org

Social:                         @maisunmonowar

Let’s do Science.