About me


My name is Maisun Ibn Monowar.

I am a Satellite Systems Engineer, specializing in Embedded Systems.

During my master’s degree course at Kyutech, I worked on the Joint Global Multi National Birds project. My colleagues and I built, launched and operated the first CubeSat for Bangladesh, Mongolia and Ghana.

I can perform small satellite AIT activities. My background includes graduation in Electrical & Electronics Engineering with 6+ years of learning and working with embedded systems. 

­In my free time, I enjoy reading autobiography books. My idea of a perfect vacation is watching the sunset on a beach, for at least 3 days!

Here’s me in a nutshell:

Favourite colourBlack
Favourite movieMen In Black (1997)
Favourite eventSunset
Favourite OSUbuntu 8.04 LTS
Call signKG5PGZ
Personal Emailpersonal@maisunmonowar.com
Work Emailmaisun.i.monowar@ieee.org

Let’s do science.