My Website got hijacked

I made my first website on openshift servers. They had a free plan. Anik vai initialized the whole thing for me. I didn’t have to do a thing. After that, I slowly learned to maintain my own website. Openshift servers then migrated to kubernetes. I either had to migrate my site using kubernetes or have them deleted. Since I don’t know enough web programming and I had no use of kubernetes, I chose not to migrate. My first website got deleted.

Next, I went to wordpress. It was easy to setup. had a free plan. I created my personal site over there. This time, I could build everything by googling. But the problem with free hosting was that it was very very slow. It took me a long time for a small edit. Loading the website was no faster. I had to change the server.

I found a cheap web server where I host my current site. I don’t remember what exactly happened, but I couldn’t transfer my entire website at that time either. I had some text backups. I tried my best to restore my site.

Earlier this month (April 2020) my site got hijacked. Every time I tried to access a page from my site, it’d be automatically redirected to some shady site. I didn’t set up that redirection. I could still log-in into the web site panel. So it was probably some malware plugin I was using. Now, my skills are not enough to clean malware from the server. I contacted my server tech support. Their advice was to do a clean install. Means I’ll lose my data once again. At this moment I cannot hire any wordpress expert. I had to do it myself. This morning I deleted all of it. Thankfully, I somehow managed to do a data restore from a backup made in February. I hope to restore the rest of the pages soon. 

Our digital life

Every month on the first Thursday, we have an International Engineering Seminar in our lab. It’s basically an improving ground. The topics are only limited by 6 categories. This month it was my turn. My topic for presentation was “Data Security for Everyday use”. What I have in the ppt, is nothing ground breaking, rather a look back on how we could have control over our data.

Download the ppt >> “space engineering seminar Maisun” <<