Lesson Learned: Trip to Nagasaki

  1. It doesn’t get easier: This was my second trip to Nagasaki. Compared to Hiroshima, Nagasaki isn’t as exciting. Peace museum is the top attraction in Nagasaki city. Having visited the museum already, I thought it’ll be OK for me. It wasn’t. Like the first time, my insides went hollow. Nuclear weapons don’t belong on earth.
  2. Driving is scary: Public transport in Nagasaki isn’t like the rest of Japan. It feels like Nagasaki could’ve used some modernization like rest of Japan. You can get around but takes a lot of time in public transport. And google maps isn’t spectacular here. A lot of info isn’t available on “Tourist Apps”. So driving was my choice for this trip. That was mistake. driving around trams is scary. The roads are narrow. Turns are sharp. I don’t think I’ll be driving again in Nagasaki city.
  3. Parking is f*&^%ing expensive.
  4. Take the toll free road: Driving out of Nagasaki was a scene from heaven. Since we had time, we decided to take the long way back home. we chose the toll-free route back to Kitakyushu. Wish I had more time. There were multiple spots where I slowed down or wanted to stop and take picture. The scenes were from heaven.
  5. I recommend hotel forza: The entrance to the hotel is hard to find. Take a taxi and continue searching on foot once the taxi drops you of. If you manage to find the entrance of the hotel, you’ll be rewarded adequately. If you are driving, get out of Nagasaki, find a hotel elsewhere.

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