My Website got hijacked

I made my first website on openshift servers. They had a free plan. Anik vai initialized the whole thing for me. I didn’t have to do a thing. After that, I slowly learned to maintain my own website. Openshift servers then migrated to kubernetes. I either had to migrate my site using kubernetes or have them deleted. Since I don’t know enough web programming and I had no use of kubernetes, I chose not to migrate. My first website got deleted.

Next, I went to wordpress. It was easy to setup. had a free plan. I created my personal site over there. This time, I could build everything by googling. But the problem with free hosting was that it was very very slow. It took me a long time for a small edit. Loading the website was no faster. I had to change the server.

I found a cheap web server where I host my current site. I don’t remember what exactly happened, but I couldn’t transfer my entire website at that time either. I had some text backups. I tried my best to restore my site.

Earlier this month (April 2020) my site got hijacked. Every time I tried to access a page from my site, it’d be automatically redirected to some shady site. I didn’t set up that redirection. I could still log-in into the web site panel. So it was probably some malware plugin I was using. Now, my skills are not enough to clean malware from the server. I contacted my server tech support. Their advice was to do a clean install. Means I’ll lose my data once again. At this moment I cannot hire any wordpress expert. I had to do it myself. This morning I deleted all of it. Thankfully, I somehow managed to do a data restore from a backup made in February. I hope to restore the rest of the pages soon. 

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