Communication; Version 2019

I think I come back to this rant every year. Every year I do something and slowly forget about it. Then the next year, the cycle repeats. I’m still looking for a solution. Maybe I’ll start over this rant next year if I don’t find a solution. Until then, I’ll put my thoughts out there, anyone who is reading.

This is about internet monopoly. Giant corporations that has taken our life hostage. Corporations that don’t pay us any money, but they own our lives. Our memories. Our identities. Our business. And there is nothing we can’t do anything about it. Therefore, my rant. 

I don’t even have to name these companies anymore. Had it been 3 years earlier. I might need to. But now… now you guys know. You’ll either harmonize with me and let out a sigh. Or keep scrolling. Whichever you choose, we are powerless.

Last month, my wife’s Facebook account was frozen. Why was it frozen? That is for another time. The day it was frozen she tried to do whatever she could. Checking her email for some kind of notice. Trying to reset password. Submitting govt. Issued ID to Facebook which has a spooky privacy policy attached to it. Despite all her effort, the account was still frozen. Whom is she going to complain to? The whole process is automated. There is no customer service phone number. 

“OK. So what? It’s just Facebook. Just open another account” you may say. We could. Our friends are family would be notified. A fresh page. Fresh. Your old memories erased. It is there. Just not available to you. The way the world works right now, if you never never posted on Facebook about it, it never happened. 

Fortunately, we found out a way. Submitted scans of our passport. And a selfie of my wife with the passport visible in her hand. She got her account back. She got her memories back. She got her identity back. Only to be governed by an organization. Not a government. But an organization. We are at the mercy of Facebook. 

I have 7 different apps on my phone. All to make calls and chat with my friends. There is only 1 which is used everyday. Facebook. For some reason, nobody I know uses something different. I uninstalled messenger from my phone last year. I did not post on Facebook of my action! Still I received complaints. why am I not available? So I reinstalled it. 

I prefer email over phone calls. For that too, I am relying on a company I have no financial transaction with. No agreement between us. Should I be banned from google servers, I’ll have no identities left. Not even Facebook. I’ll be erased from the internet. 

I tried to find for options. I tried to find a way out. I’m still trying. If you found the way before me, help me. Drag me out of this house of cards.



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