Developed Nations

What can YOU do to make your country a developed nation?

You can’t do anything.

Really. YOU can’t do anything. Neither can I. Neither that person wearing a jacket across the room. Not as an individual. TOGETHER, however, that’s a different story.
Few years back. I used to think that America is a good country because it has big buildings. (Later on I came to know they are called skyscrapper.) I though Japan is a good country because it has great electronics industry. I’ve been living in Japan for more that 2 years now. Now I see that this isn’t really the case.

What makes these countries “developed” isn’t the skyscrapers, nor the smooth road. Its the PEOPLE. Really man. Its the old lady by the road, the shopkeeper dusting his carpets. It is them. Not as a singular entity, but as collective nation.

The park bench scene in the movie “Men in Black” is one of my favorite. I couldn’t grasp the meaning of the dialog until many years later.

Agent K (Tommy L. Jones) says, “The person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it.) I see his point now.

Take the latest BitCoin fiasco for example. So many ‘experts’ yet the market swings like a circus pole.

We really need to start focusing on the collective well being. The whole nation will move forward when everyone will understand instinctively what action(s) will bring betterment for the larger group. And “instinct” it doesn’t develop in a day. It takes years of practice and preaching. So the sooner we start, the better.